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i reckon this will read more like a disclaimer than a proclamation of who i am.  i’m not much for proclaiming things, particularly not about myself.  i’m not entirely sure what people reading this (you) will be looking for, i apologize if i fail to provide you with it.  useful things about me are probably best gleaned from my posts.  but here’s some stuff about me, hopefully none of it very useful.  if you need useful information you can email either of us at

vitals:  hailing from moscow, idaho and now a newly christened minneapolis resident after a seven year stint in western washington.  currently gunning for a masters (eventually phd) in geography at the university of minnesota.
i’m the sort of person that walks into a store (particularly book and music stores), gets really excited about everything, loads my arms full of stuff, and then gets to the part where i have to narrow it down and just get overwhelmed and dump it all and walk out empty handed.
i love food.  there’s not really any need to discuss this further or in any more detail.
i don’t capitalize most things that are supposed to be capitalized.  capital letters freak me out.  forks too.  and people carrying umbrellas.  i don’t know why.  i also make up words when i deem it necessary and/or useful or when a cool sounding word comes along.  huachinango is currently my favorite word.  and no it is not made up.
i love music.  particularly rap/hiphop and bluegrass. 
i love sports.  indoor ones.  outdoor ones.  traditional ones.  “extreme” ones.  playing them.  studying them.  also watching them.  particularly college ones. 
sometimes it might seem as if i do things just to be contrary.  but this is false.  i just try to be logical and simple and efficient and honest.  and also fun.
i love drums.  again, there’s not really any need to discuss this further or in any more detail.
i’m very informal and rarely take myself seriously.  i hate formalities.  i’m all for being polite, but for me there’s a fine line between formality and politeness.  formalities can too easily breed inauthenticity.  and are tedious beyond belief.
…i also love ellipses…and if you’re confused as to whether i mean the punctuation or the shape…well then given the context of this sentence i’m not really sure what to do with you.
i ramble.  and wander down tangents.  on what i believe is a related note, i am easily fascinated.  or distracted.  depending on how you look at it…and how you look at it usually depends on how you’re caught up in any given situation in which i become fascinated/distracted.
i love animals.  particularly baby ones.  particularly puppies.  also salad bars.  which has nothing to do with animals, i realize this.
much of this seeps into my approach/interests in the geographic realm.  but if you want an official statement…my approach to geography is…i don’t know…to have fun with it, to stay grounded and not take myself or the discipline too seriously, while at the same time always remembering that i have a responsibility to myself, to the discipline and to the opportunity i’ve been given to get an education.
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