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Mission Statement

“the world and all that is in it, that is our theme and if we can’t find anything to interest ordinary people in the subject we better shut up shop and become a strict, technical, scientific journal for high class geographers and geological experts.”

-THE alex graham bell, second president of the national geographic society

Wherever your passions lie they are grounded in place, and understanding that place, describing it, and exploring its web of interactions across space and time is a pursuit to the heart of that passion. Here at H-5 Inc. our mission is simple: create a community of collaborators with which we can share ideas, become inspired, learn from each other, and work hard on projects that will benefit ourselves, our community and our world. We invite you to join our exploration of geography and our journey to the center of how we interact with, and define our would.

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  1. Clay permalink
    January 31, 2011 9:16 pm

    You fuckin know he did man…

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