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this blog came about much like our paths to geography…completely by accident. from a joke, a random conversation about how longitude was going to be the new gucci…longitude was getting ready to blow up.  and by that we meant a different way of approaching the discipline, a different way of sharing and thinking about geography.  yet really h5inc has a long, sordid history dating, officially, all the way back to 1714, and the creation of the board of longitude.  the greatest minds in science could not figure out a practical way to measure longitude at sea, so they created a board of longitude and offered a reward to the first person to find a way to do it.  so we here at h5inc trace our roots back to john harrison, inventor of the marine chronometer, of h5.  he was a practical man, a common man, a self educated watch maker. yet he revolutionized maritime travel with his invention. longitude remains a rather arbitrary measurement. there is no natural starting point. the prime meridian could change, any day, at our discretion. all of this history reflects h5inc’s approach to geography. we want to give geography back to the people.  we have no natural starting point.   we are not development geographers.  we are not dendochronoligsts.  we are just curious geography students, on a journey of discovering the stories and threads that bond us to place and people.   and we would like to share that journey, those stories, and the interesting things we find along the way, with you.


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