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DINOS!!! and other neat things not really data related.

April 24, 2011

mongolian fighting dinosaurs. educate yourself. best thing ever.

Okay.  We’re going a little lighter today.  Because it’s Easter.  And Easter is a light holiday for me.  It’s happy and, you know, fluffy like bunnies, and light and airy like Peeps and light and pastel like all the Easter colors.  This stuff doesn’t really have much to do with data, at least not obviously (also not a ton to do with geography but ssshhh…don’t tell anyone).  I could definitely spin it so that it did but…I don’t want to dilute it’s coolness with trying to make it obviously data-y or geography-y.

This one is the best one.  At least it is if you’re a dino fan.  And I feel like we all are.  How can you not be?  And by best what I really meant was my favorite.  I’m going to put these in alphabetical order except instead of alphabetical it will be favoritest.  So that way if you get ADD part way through this you’ll have gotten the goodest stuff.  I say goodest because all of it is good and because it’s more fun to say than best and I’m in one of those moods and I’ve had too many peeps and too much coffee.  Anyway, I felt like I was 7 years old again when I was reading the above linked post…I was that excited and into it.  Jurassic Park was my younger sisters (I say younger and not little because she’s actually like a 1/2 foot taller than me) favorite movie.  One time there was a cougar hiding out in the park across the street from our house and she absolutely could not sleep at night because she was convinced that cougars were essentially like velociraptors and that the cougar could open doors (you know that scene in the movie…they zoom in on the door handle turning…).  Anyway…she loved that movie.  My point is that I guarantee all of us loved dinos at one point…and we probably still do.  And so I hope you can read this and kind of feel like a little kid again…that same awe and enthusiasm and wonder at what the world holds and has held.  Also I hope you take the time to click the link within that article regarding the Mongolian fighting dinos because it’s possibly one of the most awesomest and also strangest things ever.  Mind boggling, pretty literally.  The geography of dino bone finding and old creature bone finding is really pretty fascinating.  I think.  Also, if you dig this sort of stuff, or even if you don’t, I would encourage you to read Bill Bryson’s book “A Brief History of Nearly Everything” which is mostly a fairly amusing history of the development of the sciences.  I’d also just recommend checking in at the “Not Exactly Rocket Science” blog every now and again because there’s usually pretty awesome stuff hanging about over there.

Second…the “Meanwhile” series from artist Wendy MacNaughton.  These take very little effort on your part…and there’s six of them and they’re all really good so make sure you look at ALL OF THEM.  Otherwise you’ll regret it.  And that’s all I really have to say about that.  I don’t know which one is my favorite yet.  I think maybe the chess one.  But I like wine and dogs and bars and farmers markets and dolphins a lot also so…

And next is this six word story series.  I have definitely not developed a favorite yet…nothing even close.  I can’t even throw down a top ten.  I’m still reading through them.  There’s a lot.  Cause it started in 2010.  And it’s everyday.  So there’s over 400.  But I like them…I like seeing the design and also seeing people attempt a story in six words.  I’m a fan of the flash/sudden fiction (or non) movement.  A schoolmate wrote a really great piece of flash writing last year…I’ll try and dig it up to share with you guys.

And lastly for now, this infographic.  Bob Dylan and Kanye West.  I learned things.  Like what a crip set is.  Cool.

stolen from's blog.

Cheers yall!


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