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A Dose of Gramisci

April 10, 2011

I encountered this in some reading for class and found it absolutely stunning. It has nothing whatsoever to do with data, but I couldn’t resist sharing it. It has too much to say about my own perspective on geography and the all important duality of our impact on social structures and their impact on us. Delicious food for thought. This is from Antonio Gramsci’s Selections from The Prison Notebooks as translated by Hoare and Nowell Smith. I highly recommend looking into him. He is a fascinating Italian philosopher, Marxist, and political theorist. Here is a link to his wiki for a brief overview if you are interested after reading this quote. Enjoy.

“Each one of us changes himself, modifies himself to the extent that he changes and modifies the complex relations of which he is the hub. In this sense the real philosopher is and cannot be other than, the politician, the active man who modifies the environment, understanding by environment the ensemble of relations which each of us enters to take part in. If ones’ own individuality is the ensemble of those relations, to create ones’ own personality means to acquire consciousness of them and [to] modify ones own personality means to modify the ensemble of these relations.”

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