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world water day! (was yesterday)

March 23, 2011

world water day 2011. this year's campaign is "water for cities: responding to the urban challenge"

this post doesn’t really have anything to do with education and geography.  yesterday was world water day.  the united nations said so.  and has said so since 1992 (although the first one wasn’t until the following year, march 22, 1993).  i would like to start off by saying that i’m real disappointed in google for not having a world water day doodle.  someone there should probably be on that next year.

i meant to throw this up yesterday but wordpress was apparently having technical difficulties for most of the afternoon and i was busy trying to catch mices in my apartment all night, so i couldn’t post it yesterday.  quick disclaimer:  this will be a link and video filled post.  it would mean a lot if you took the time to peruse them all.

anyway, it might seem like a silly thing to have a day for but for a good chunk of the global population water is currently kind of a big deal for a good chunk of every single day.  check out the history of world water day and all that good stuff over at the official site (you can visit the official 2011 world water day website, and find out more about this year’s campaign, here).  if i had to put money on what will be the major source of conflict in the next 50 years…yeah, definitely water.  it’s the next big thing.  and i’d also bet it’ll be bigger than anything ever before.  bigger than gold, bigger than diamonds, bigger than oil even, and bigger than any of the resources, real estate (massive land grabs or geopolitically strategic lands) we got all imperial about back in the day…bigger than anything else we’ve ever fought about. ever.  there’s gonna be shortages and a whole lot of time and energy is going to be put into trying to finagle ourselves some new source(s) of freshwater and people are gonna fight over water and water rights and rivers and all sorts of stuff.  so i encourage you to poke around the internets and check out some of the water issues already going on around the world.  also if you enjoy the infographics we sometimes (all the time) post then check out the “visualizing world water day challenge” over at (and in conjunction with the folks at circle of blue, where you can find a whole bunch of info on global water issues).  you can find a direct link to the winning project right here.  again, please do spend a couple of minutes playing around with it, it’s really quite simple yet informative.  the folks over at good magazine also have a quick little slide show up with some good info in it (though it is not everything you need to know about water, despite what they say).

some kids with their "hydropacks." click the picture to read more about this awesome yet simple little piece of water technology.

last april national geographic ran a special water issue.  i would encourage you to find a copy and give it a flip.  it’s really a great issue…not all doom and gloom.  over here they’ve got a run down on a bit of the stuff to be found in the issue if you can’t track down a real life copy.  i’ve read numerous critiques of national geographic but the fact of the matter is they deliver a lot of information to a lot of people who don’t get that information any other way.  so anyway, take a few minutes to check out the two videos below.  really.  please.  the first is about the making of the water issue via the editorial staff and the second is some images and stats from the issue.

and last but not least here’s another video, this one from the folks at good magazine, with some slightly different stats and graphics.

cool.  well, i hope you all had a happy world water day, and chances are pretty good that if you’re able to read this blog you also don’t (currently) have much in the way of water issues (with perhaps the exception of flooding.  we are sandbagging here in minnesota pretty furiously in anticipation of some rather large flood events, although stacking sandbags is actually one of my all time favorite activities. seriously.  i just wish it wasn’t always a state of emergency type activity).  cheers.

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