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earthquakes, hanazono, antarctica and grassroots.

March 12, 2011

hi guys.  how you all doing today?  once again sam and i have both been struggling to get posts up this week between writer’s block, busyness and the earthquake/tsunami business in japan.  i would like to take a quick moment to shout out anyone in port townsend.  if you’re from port townsend you probably know hanazono asian noodle, and you probably know the owner, kaori hull.  kaori is from japan and her mom, who helped her open the restaurant, lives in northeastern japan, near the coast, and is currently m.i.a.  if you’re in port townsend, take a minute to stop by hanazono (right next to the rose) and let kaori know her family is in your thoughts.  and if you’re not in port townsend i hope you’re still inclined to send thoughts and, if it’s your style, prayers, to the people of japan.

anyway, putting the final touches on a quick little post and trying to get my wits in order on a few other posts but in the meantime i thought i’d throw up a couple of interesting stuffs that i’ve stumbled upon the last few days.  these have pretty much nothing to do with education but i’m not too worried about it and i hope you’re okay with it too.

the first are a couple of infographics:  one having to do with earthquakes, the other with antarctica, both via the folks over at  click on them to get a larger, more reader friendly version (and if you need it really big you can click that version yet again).

i would like to take this opportunity to say that antarctica is a very awkward word, both to say and to type.  i’m guessing the etymology behind it has something to do with being the opposite of arctic, but that doesn’t excuse it.  i’m about to go all etymologist on it.  hold on.  okay, so it does in fact come from the greek word antarktikos, which means “opposite the arctic.”  and if you’re wondering, arctic comes from the greek arktikos, which has a whole lot to do with bears and north and ursa major/ursa minor and the pole star/north star.  anyway, no excuses.  antarctica is awkward.  we can do better.

moving on.  this last bit is a pretty cool project involving “grassroots mapping.”  very rad.  there’s a nice write up on them, as well as a slideshow of some of their work at  also you can stop by their website if you’re feeling so inclined.  and i think you would not regret it…there’s an illustrated guide to grassroots mapping they’ve put together, interviews with some other folks involved in the grassroots mapping campaign to document the impacts of the bp oil spill as well as some other tutorials in regards to mapping, as well as more information about the folks who started the whole shebang.

alright then, hope everyone is having a decent start to their weekend and hopefully we’ll have something for you by tomorrow in regards to geography and education.  cheers.

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