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And now we break Geography into a million little pieces…

March 6, 2011

Photo by Aaron Huey

Ok. I have been a total absentee. I apologize, sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of the things that you actually want to do. That aside, I’m really looking forward to this month. Geography and education is pretty near and dear to our hearts. The educational experiences we have had, both in and out of the classroom, led us to where we are on our respective geographical paths. Many of those experiences we shared together, and as a result we have a similar outlook, despite our different approaches. But…before we can get to this month, I wanted to take a look at this past month. Our first here at H-5 Inc.

Wrapping up a month on “what is geography?” is a pretty difficult thing to do. As Chey said, maybe even more difficult than explaining what geography is in the first place. I think a big part of this is because this past month’s theme will run the course of this blog. It won’t really, end, just become more specific. Everything that we will talk about is related to the question “what is geography?” which is exactly why we chose it for our first month’s theme—go give you an idea of the broad range of topics that we will cover throughout the course of this blog.

I suppose if there is one concrete lesson—one big take away—from this month it is, for me at least, it would be that geography is where I belong. This blog is an important part of my process, both educationally and personally. Writing about geography helps focus both how I see the discipline and how I see myself. And that is a very positive thing, something I don’t think I had before. Along those lines, here is a list of my top 10 things that I learned this month:

1.)  Geography is crazy kool…with a k (I actually already knew this, but it felt like a good lead)

2.)  Chey and I have an excellent creative balance

3.)  Idahoans are not afraid of wild gorillas

4.)  I am totally interested in learning how to make infographics, specifically really beautiful maps

5.)  What green butt skunks are

6.)  Adults use Legos too

7.)  I want to write a proposal for a grant to go to the East Coast and study axe head patterns.

8.)  The United States has a lot of serial killers

9.)  I need to learn an internet language

10.) Europe can look forward to a sideways ghost

I think this list pretty well represents what we are all about at H-5 Inc.—fun, interesting, inspiring geographic information balanced with personal growth. Maybe that’s selfish—egocentric even, that we focus on ourselves. But I think it’s actually an integral part of this blog. We are sharing with you our personal geographic paths. And I, for one, think that part is crucial to geography—connecting the person to the place, understanding why place resonates with some people, and what that means for those individuals.

I think if you were trying to draw a line through everything we posted this month the common thread would be a lack of one. In other words—we have a broad base of subjects to share with you throughout this blog. Indeed, during our weekly brainstorm sessions we have come up with enough monthly topics to take us through nearly two years. That is really exciting for us, and now that we are settling into our process, we can really get to work on some of the specific geographical subjects that we are most interested in.

“What is geography?” isn’t ending; we’re just going to take a huge, mind-hammer and break it into a million little pieces. Then we’re going to take those pieces and break them down further into individual posts. Hopefully after awhile, we will be able to rearrange those tiny fragments for you into a different picture, one that is similar in nature but different in its objective—“What is geography to us?”

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