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charlie sheen. idaho. win.

March 4, 2011

all we do is wiiiinnn!!

i know we’re supposed to be in education month but given the recent charlie sheen business and the discovery of this map i felt the need to digress somewhat.  plus this maps points out that maine is the dumbest state so this is an issue involving the geographies of education (although this statement is true it will probably never be brought up or discussed ever again on this blog, i was merely using it to justify my digression) (also, for source data and more info, and funny stuff, please head over to pleated jeans).


so charlie sheen.  what?  yeah.  seeing as how charlie sheen has tiger blood and adonis dna it means he was born in idaho (although based on this map he’s obviously now residing in colorado) because this is the truth about everyone born in idaho.  there’s really no other explanation for a state full of people who have the ability to jump over cars and aren’t afraid of wild gorillas and who elect people named butch otter to be their governors.  this is why both the state of idaho and charlie sheen always stay winning.  it’s in our blood and dna.  idaho’s state motto, “esto perpetua, means “all we do is win, forever.”  okay, actually it means “let her be forever” but it’s basically the same thing.  i found further proof that idaho is the best, although further proof is certainly not really needed.  first of all this discussion in regards to hot springs, ufo sightings, drunk driving and some infographics done for good magazine.  yessss.  second of all, the above map.  while everyone else is busy being rapists and polluting and doing icky things to animals, idaho is simply going about it’s business being bawse and ignoring stupid government rules because if we’re not afraid of gorillas we certainly aren’t afraid of the government.  we’re surrounded by government abiding states who are homeless, drunk, car crashing, porn watching, animal fiddling criminals.  like i said, idaho stays winning.  so that’s all really.  cheers!

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