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Geography and Education

March 1, 2011

Well then.  One (short) month tallied in the blogging books for h5inc.  We’re running a little behind but we hope to have our “What is Geography?” wrap up entries posted by the end of the week, along with our first posts regarding March’s theme, “Geography and Education.”

Geography and education is a pretty broad topic and one that both of us are fairly passionate about so it should be a really great month.  There’s been a lot of education talk in the mainstream media as of late and we will definitely speak to a lot of that but we will also (hopefully) branch out a bit.  Ideally we will share with you some new thoughts, issues and ideas that will make you think a bit differently about geography, education and their confluence.  There will be talk of geographic education and literacy, the geographies of education, personal geographies, geographic imaginations, tiger moms, Michelle Rhee, funding, Thailand, service/experiential learning and who knows what else.  This month also should see a guest blog or two which will be great fun for everyone involved, we hope.

Education can and has been a heated topic as of late so we definitely welcome and encourage your thoughts and opinions, either in comments or in email form.

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