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idaho goes hard.

February 25, 2011

whomever said “don’t mess with texas” had obviously never been to idaho, otherwise they would’ve said “don’t mess with idaho.”

we have been a bit absentee.  i apologize for this.  we’ve both had family and school and things have been a bit crazy.  is it just me or do group projects almost always end up being more work and stress than if you’d just been able to do the assignment on your own??  did you know that when blogs say “hit the jump for more information (or videos or pictures or links or whatever it is that might be hiding and waiting for you)” that it means you’re supposed to click the read more text?  turns out this is not necessarily common knowledge so i thought i should share.  you probably won’t find us saying “hit the jump” very much on this blog.  just not really our style.  and if we do, we’ll probably make it so that the “read more” link actually says “hit the jump” or something like that.  it does sound cooler than saying “click the read more link to expand this blog and see the rest of the really neat stuff we have for you.”  which is what you should do now.  for more proof of how bawse idaho is.  as if this is needed.  i mean we have a peregrine falcon on our state quarter.  and we have, by far, the best state seal ever designed.  so legit.

anyway, every now and again espn does some rather strange polls and then maps them.  now, keep in mind that there is not a huge number of people responding to these polls, relative to the u.s. population anyway.  but, idaho still goes hard, as these maps PROVE.  because if we’ve learned anything it’s that maps always = complete and irrefutable truth.  and just for the record any jokes regarding white supremacy and idaho are way played out.  those guys were in one compound in northern idaho and they left (to pennsylvania, if you’re wondering) over a decade ago.  however, any jokes regarding potatoes or anything else is pretty much fair game.  just keep in mind these maps eh?  we can jump over cars (along with one or two other states) and we are the ONLY state not afraid of wild gorillas. BOOM.

also here’s a link to a post i stumbled upon (not using stumble upon though, just for the record) that compiled a few of espn’s more ridiculous polls.  you can also find them over at espn.

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