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empire state of mind…bangkok city

February 14, 2011

i was going to post a tat to sam’s tit…a post on craft and art and functionality to complement his post on the best made axes.  but i totally got distracted.  the grammy’s were last night, did you know this?  i feel like we tune in to them for the same reason lots of people watch nascar…not for the great performances we might see but for the wrecks.  seems like the grammy’s are almost always a disaster…the performances are almost always a let down and the presenters are pretty much always ridiculously painful and awkward.  i’m not here to discuss the grammy’s.  i’m here to admit i love “empire state of mind.”  k?  i said it.  here’s the video for it.

what does this have to do with geography?  well, everybody wants to rep their city right?  on the west coast it tends to be a battle of who has better food, is more green, or more cultured.  as you move east it tends to be about who’s grittier, who hustles harder.  so that’s part of the geographical component of this post, the need to rep your city, your state, etc.  and also this post was inspired by this video i was put on to by thaitanium.  thaitanium is a rap group from…yes, thailand.  i’ve spent a bit of time in southeast asia and i must admit that at times their pop music scene is more ridiculous than ours.  

so they pretty much ripped off “empire state of mind” (though empire state of mind goes harder for sure) for this song, and the video.  but i don’t really care.  it’s awesome.  in the way that all thai pop music (and a good portion of american pop music) is awesome due to it’s ridiculousness.  they randomly switch between english and thai, especially in the last bars where he raps about foodies and muay thai and i’m pretty sure there’s a shot of a kid riding a fixie towards the end.   across the u.s. hip hop from different cities, or regions, tends to be fairly distinct…west coast (cali), pacific northwest, midwest, southeast, east coast (new york), all often have a distinct sound, both in terms of the beats and the flow.  this is obviously a generalization, but is true, in general.  right now a lot of hip hop overseas tends to imitate american artist but it’ll be interesting to see if as hip hop really takes hold overseas and builds a history it will begin to really develop it’s own distinct sound.  anyway, here’s the video for thaitanium and da endorphine’s “bangkok city”

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  1. samnowak permalink
    February 14, 2011 7:18 pm

    you do realize that your first sentence could be interpreted something like this ” I was going to post a tattoo to sam’s pectoral region…”

    Needless to say, I thought this was kind of funny. Also, that video is totally ridiculous. I had almost forgotten how incredibly strange Thai pop is.

  2. squirebrown permalink
    February 15, 2011 11:26 am

    yeah. i was going to reword it but then it kept making me laugh so i decided to leave it.

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