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comics and the gentrification of labor/migration studies.

February 10, 2011

marvel vs dc, including villians. dc has superman and batman but the ladies and the villians give marvel the edge in my book.

immigration/migration is a commonly studied topic in geography these days.  particularly in regards to labor.  but we usually think of it in terms of farm or other manual labor.  this is an article written by a seattle based writer (if you read the stranger, seattle’s weekly, you’re probably familiar with ms. lindy west) for a uk publication, about uk actors portraying american super heroes.  geography much? i like this for a number of reasons…i like comics/graphic novels, i like lindy west, the fact that it’s got a u.s. writer, u.k. publication, u.s. comics, u.k. actors thing going on is amazing, and the idea of the gentrification of labor migration studies for things like professional sports, music and movies is really intriguing to me.  there’s been a few articles floating around commenting on the influx of uk actors/actresses but lindy brings a nice touch of humor to the topic. and i’m pretty sure she’s spot on with reason number one on her list.

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