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World Freedom Atlas

February 6, 2011

As a tease for all those cartophiles out there we will, later this year, in an undisclosed month, be blogging all about maps and all the splendor, usefulness, mathematics, and beauty involved in them. So, to give you an idea of what we will be writing about that month, I’m sharing with you a great database of information on freedom, social justice, and global governance…all in map form. I had planned on saving this for our, as we are calling it, “month of maps” but considering what is going on in Egypt right now I figured this was an appropriate time. This is some really impressive work from Zachary Forest Johnson from, and gives a great look into the future of democratic data and the possibilities of just what can be done with this incredible tool that we call maps. As he describes it, “The world freedom atlas is a geovisualization tool for world statistics. It was designed for social scientists, journalists, NGO/IGO workers, and others who which to have a better understanding of issues of freedom, democracy, human rights, and good governance.” Enjoy. I know I did…

World Freedom Atlas

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