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a note to politicians in the making, from egypt, with love.

February 6, 2011

we all know egypt is nothing more than pyramids, deserts, mummies and camel riders.

sup with egypt?  everybody is talking about egypt.  for good reason.  all sorts of stuff.  he did this, she did that, tattling, back stabbing…it’s like high school but kind of a bigger deal.  this is why, that is why…for wanna be politicians it can be a lot to sort through…what did he do wrong?  what would i have done differently?  payed these guys off?  hired an assassin to handle this guy?  it can all be a bit overwhelming.

so, i will help simplify things for you guys.  people will put up with a lot…which means you can get away with a lot.  a lot.  firstly because governments tend to suck at being transparent, chances are we won’t even know about most of it.  and then the stuff we do know about…we don’t really do much about.  so you guys can get away with quite a bit of uncool, greedy, or just plain stupid stuff.  i don’t care where you land in the political spectrum…i don’t care if you’re red, blue, purple, right, left, middle…don’t give a damn…we all put up with quite a bit.  we complain.  we bitch and moan, grumble.  we might rally.  but in general people will put up with a fair amount of political bs-ing before we start rioting or going full scale with our protests.

so i will tell you what’s up with egypt, we can learn a lot from this, and still keep it simple for you guys.  the two words in the english language that end in -gry is what’s up with egypt.  hungry and angry.  they go well together.  can often be found hanging on the street corner together chucking rocks.  getting into all sorts of trouble.  the straw that broke the camel’s back.  which is really an apt saying under these circumstances, because we’re talking about egypt here.  and as you guys probably know, being politicians in the making, egypt brings noting to the table except nomadic camel riding people, pyramids and old mummies.  and now also riots.  anyway, hunger guys…whatever else you do, as soon as you start letting people go hungry things are going to get dodgy.  avoid it at all costs, not because of any particular regard for the welfare of your citizens but because it is a common theme in the history of government overthrows and oustings.

so, here’s what egypt has taught us, or at least reminded us:  if you want to keep reaping the benefits of sketchy and corrupt world politics, if you would like to continue enjoying your fancy government houses and all the perks that come along with it…DON’T LET YOUR PEOPLE GO HUNGRY (unless you’re willing to do some serious, serious massacring and killing of them to crush an uprising).  and for those of you trying to weasel your way into power and/or overthrow current governments the easiest way to do this is, and have the citizens on board, is to make sure people can’t afford to put food on the table.  egypt was helped along by record high food prices but if you don’t have this convenient advantage there are other options…hoarding food crops and letting them go bad, burning crops, taxes…your options are endless.

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  1. Steve Brown permalink
    February 6, 2011 6:40 pm

    Your post was right on the mark. I might add however that some of the food cost price escalation is out of the hands of the local, read Egyptian politicans, and more a function of those truly who brought us the last economic debacle…ta da yours truly Goldman Sachs One of the great things about the new finincial regulations is that while they closed some of the loop holes on OTC derivitives speculation the left the door wide open with respect to commodities. No need to wonder why food, oil and all the other stuff we need to live is going through the roof (ave commodity price increase in last 6 months = 20 – 30%) scarcity + speculative fervor = chaos in the parts of the world where in excess of 60% of every pay check goes to food. Once food prices begin to reach the point where the average citizen is wondering whether next months check will even cover the food bill…well you saw some of it last week.

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