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January 31, 2011

this is us...but not really us. just people who could be us, only better looking, and way more hip

Our plan, at least at the moment, is to have a monthly topic. We will post our initial thoughts, impressions, feelings on the subject and then spend the rest of the month researching it, thinking about it, picking each others brains about it, finding cool, interesting, and fun things that are somehow related to it and then we will share everything that we find out with you. Whenever possible we will post links to people much more knowledgeable and qualified than ourselves who have experience or expertise on the given topic to share what they think. Also, each month, we will try our damndest to find you a guest contributor for that month’s topic, someone who has a unique, challenging or just plain cool perspective to share, to keep things interesting. At the end of the month we will each post a longer wrap up entry that will attempt to synthesize what we have learned over the month, from ourselves, from each other, from you. We will also most certainly post stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with the given topic. So that will be random and exciting and hopefully not confusing. We’ll try to label an off-topic post with a disclaimer to try and keep the confusion at bay. We welcome your comments and will try to reply to them.

We will each bring a somewhat different approach to the game. His preferred writing tool is a ticonderoga, hers is a sakura pigma micron 01. He’s more of a coffee guy, she’s more of a tea gal. He is formal, she is not. He capitalizes. she doesn’t.  Although we have different approaches we have grown together as geographers and at our roots we have the same core beliefs and direction. We have a common cause.  Keep in mind, just because we share a link to something doesn’t mean that we necessarily agree with it…we are here to challenge, both our readers and ourselves…or we may just find it interesting and thought provoking. We may also bicker with each other sometimes about any given topic. So that will be fun too.


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