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very, very, very long absence.

March 17, 2012

hi. we have been absent.  in a huge way.  understatement.  this absence will, unfortunately, continue.  sorry.  however, our absence will be less noticeable if you check out  it won’t be nearly as epic or wordy or thoughtful.  but it’ll be pretty (in the visual sense) or entertaining, hopefully. there will be original photographs. and quotes from people much more impressive and established than ourselves. these are people we are likely reading, or who are saying things (sometimes nice, sometimes not really very nice at all) about the people and works that we are reading.  hopefully we will be reunited and entirely less consumed come the summer season, at which point hopefully we will have more time for this particular blog.  anyway, in the meantime, i hope you enjoy the periodic postings at our tumblr site.


welcome back. rivers, ghost maps and dams.

September 17, 2011

Mount Meeker, Longs Peak, and Mount Lady Washington (foreground) view from Estes Cone.

Welp…we have been seriously M.I.A.  I’d apologize for that but, well, I’m not really that sorry.  I like to think it meant we were both really engaged and busy and just killing life.  Killing it til it was dead.  Doing life.  Sam kind of covered that in his Welcome post.  Some people like to say “shit happens” but I prefer saying “life happens.”  So…that’s what happened.  Life.  Anyway, we have been doing life.  It has been a bit crazy and unexpected and weird.  I was in Colorado this summer, near the Rocky Mountains, the Front Range to be slightly more exact but not exact at all.  I was working at Cheley Camps.  Just thinking about it kind of exhausts me so I can’t really write about it…I still have lots of mentally exhausting and challenging things to tackle today and trying to write about and/or recount my summer at Cheley will leave me running on fumes.  So that will have to wait.  Maybe forever, maybe never…they’re the same thing…which is weird.  Anyway, it was an eventful and, though I hate to be cliche and tawdry, it was in fact fairly life changing.  Life altering seems a better way to put it.  So, I’m just going to leave it at that.  I was busy playing and working and thinking and altering.  That is why I did not post.  I wrote.  And had every intention of posting some stuff I was working on.  I still have intentions to do that, but just some intentions, not every intention.  There’s some work to be done to make them coherent and not completely awkward and random and overwhelming.  In the meantime I just wanted to welcome you back, hopefully somewhat more officially.  It is our hope, our goal, to be posting again regularly starting in October.  This will likely continue to take the form of the monthly topic, although as we both dig deeper into more specific topics in the course of our studies these topics may begin to attune themselves to a rather more narrow scope.  Luckily, I think our interests differ at least somewhat slightly, and I know for sure our thoughts and writing styles certainly differ so hopefully this combination of different stuffs will keep things fresh.  So fresh n so clean.  Clean.  Okay cool.  

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June 17, 2011

Awhile back we said that we were inviting you on our journey to the center of the word geography, well….welcome to it. It twists and turns; it goes down the wrong path and has to backtrack; at some points the path is so wide you could fit twelve people abreast and others it is so faint that your brain tricks you into thinking that maybe there isn’t a path at all. Well, after nearly four months of silence, I’m here to tell you that there is still a path…it just might not be the one anybody expected. Read more…

cheesy goats.

June 5, 2011


so this post was supposed to go up awhile ago…and i failed on getting it put up.  but in the meantime a video has come about so, that kind of worked out well.  so here’s the deal…we’ve posted a few times about good ol expedition club and the global community project and how rad it is…and not only is the program rad but also the people.  everyone i’ve traveled to thailand with is doing really interesting things, i think.  and one of those people is a gal named paige and i’m not going to tell you her last name in case she doesn’t want you to know it.  but she’s cool and she’s been working on a goat dairy, and last month was supposed to be food and i was just really interested in the goat dairy she was working at, and i thought to myself, “hey, probably a few other people would be interested too.”  so, i interviewed her…sort of…my half-ass questions can be found in bold, followed by her responses.  so watch the video above, and read the words below and go to their website, edumucate yourself on goat dairies and the awesomeness that they provide and then go to the store and get goat stuff (i’m a big goat cheese and goat kefir fan myself…but they make other excellent stuff too) and if you’re in the salem/portland area pick up some of their stuff!  and for the record…there’s quite a few pictures of baby goats on their website…which makes it worth a visit, even if you’re not interested in goat dairies.

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the glass is half empty…so pass the next bottle

May 23, 2011

Lately things have been a bit rough…everybody is fighting about…everything.  The cups of tea and bin Laden discussions have been interesting but also a bit hard to stomach at times.  Add to that Syria, Libya, starvation, rape controversies in Congo, flooding, fighting…a friend remarked to me the other day that my twitter timeline (which mostly involves a lot of development, aid, human rights, youth, and/or geography peoples and organizations) made her feel fairly “glass half empty.”  To which I replied, “so pass the next bottle.” I said this not because I am particularly witty but because it’s one of my favorite verses of all time, from a song called “Low Light Low Life,” which you can find above (the said quote is from the second verse, via Dessa, in case you’re curious). The song as a whole feels very apropos right now.

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unexcused absences.

May 18, 2011

Blogging is hard.  Quality blogging is even harder.  But it is definitely something I think is really good for me. This post does a nice job of discussing the merits of blogging…although it’s specifically regarding development blogging I’m sure you can see how it might translate to whatever your chosen job or activities. If it’s not already obvious, Sam and I are both quality people…not in the sense that we’re “good” people (though I like to think we are), but in the sense that we think very highly of quality…particularly over quantity.  We would like to be blogging more, that is for certain.  But not if it means throwing up crap, or filler.  And not throwing up that sort of stuff necessitates a greater time commitment.  And at the moment we both have time to commit to it only in small doses…more like moments.  I have a notebook full of ideas that come to me in moments…I just haven’t had the chunk of time to sit down and address them properly, to put them into some sort of cohesive, written format.  Also, as beneficial as blogging is, to me personally, both as a writer and inasmuch as it forces me to go out and read more and learn more…I’m mostly reading and taking information in at the moment, leaving very little time to tell you guys about it all.  We’re also a couple of months in to having this blog going and we’re in the process of refining our mission statement and that’s taking a certain amount of time away from posting.  But I think it will be of great benefit in the long run. So for the past couple of days I’ve been in transit to a camp outside of Estes Park, CO where I will be working for the summer (where it has currently been snowing fairly hard for the last fourteen hours and has been hovering just barely above freezing). This is not an excuse for my absence, it does not justify it, but it is the reason I have been absent…for whatever that is worth. I had high hopes for my ability to post regularly throughout the summer…but those hopes have been squashed. I am apparently not that awesome and/or productive. So I’m apologizing in advance for my sporadic appearances here for the next few summers…I hope you don’t take it personally because it isn’t. Anyway, there is definitely a few posts in the hopper which I’m pretty excited for…one in particular from a guest blogger which I hope you will find awesome in both it’s overall general awesomeness and it’s didactic-ness. I would post it now but wordpress is being wonky so, you will just have to wait. Cheers.

cupcakes and gangs (and goats).

May 8, 2011

map of gang territories and cupcake shops in the mission, san francisco

This is an interesting map/infographic.  Not so much because it displays a multitude of complicated information in a really easily accessible format (because it doesn’t really contain all that much information) but because it sort of pushes us to rethink things…what drew me to this image is summed up pretty well in their little blurb on the south side…about gangs and cupcakes existing in separate worlds, and about reinterpreting our surroundings.  I’ve found myself in some “unsavory” areas of cities, for the sole purpose of trying some hole in the wall restaurant that is supposed to be amazing…food has gotten me out and exploring parts of cities that I likely wouldn’t have otherwise ventured to.  There’s an article accompanying the above image over at Mission Local’s website and I would encourage you to give it a read.

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